Transforming Cleaning with the new Dyson V8 Animal

Let’s be honest, no one has time to clean.

From balancing a career, working out, cooking healthy dinners, while also having a social life, and having down time to relax, watch movies or *try* to read a book - it’s quite evident there’s no room for cleaning.

Writing that also gave me slight anxiety regarding my time management (yikes!).

Being a virgo, I’m a super OCD person with ensuring my house and furniture are tidy so cleaning is always a time consuming, painful process. But, it's got to get done.

I recently got my hands on the brand new Dyson V8 Animal and within immediate use, I was already amazed at the power this little beast had within. 

I have always been a huge Dyson fan! Not only are their products sleek and beautifully designed, but they have the state of the art technology and performance to back it up.

I’m the type of guy that needs to do everything with music playing in the background. Who doesn’t love doing a little cha cha slide and lip syncing while sweeping the floors or dusting. Admit it, we’re all guilty of it. The Dyson V8 Animal acoustics are 50% quieter than previous generations, which means more singing while cleaning - for me at least! :-) 

Living in a townhouse, you can only image how many stairs there are to deal with. Cleaning isn’t fun when you have a clunky heavy vacuum, which I’ve unfortunately been guilty of knocking into the walls at times. Dyson’s V8 Animal is super sleek, lightweight and cord-free, which makes getting from the basement to my bedroom a quick process. Not to mention half the time I’m running up the stairs from the basement, because we all have that fear embedded into us that the boogeyman is going to grab our ankles on the way up from behind.

The best thing about the new Dyson V8 Animal is that you get 2 powerful vacuums in 1 as it doubles as a handheld. I was able to go from cleaning the floors and carpets to transforming the V8 animal into a handheld which I was able to vacuum my couch with. On another note, I didn’t know you could vacuum a couch. Let’s just say my jaw hit the floor when I saw what came in the dust container. Also, because I’m a germophobe, it’s really awesome that you don’t have to touch the dirt and debris the Dyson picks up as it has a new shroud wiper which pretty much empties itself straight into the trash. I’m still in shock that I’ve been sweeping and cleaning my floors for years thinking it was clean, I was definitely in awe when I saw how much this little V8 Animal was picking up all over my house.

More importantly, I was so happy I was able to clean my entire house SO QUICK, and yes it even passed the white glove test! I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited to tell people about a cleaning product in my life. But truthfully, it’s a lot more than just than just. You have to experience it to know.

Until next week’s cleaning adventure, happy cleaning!